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Simms Waders


One of the most important peices of equipment that fly fisherman can have are their waders. Obviously their main goal is to keep you dry. If you are not warm and dry, then it is hard to have a good time. This is why we stress the importance of a great pair of waders.

Reccomended Waders:

Simms Waders have continually been proven to be some of the best on the market. They have several models to fit many budgets.

Check out the full line of Simms Gear here:

Everyday Waders

Stocking foot waders are for typical use and provide the most support while wading and walking. One can walk a long distance comfortably in stocking foot and a good pair of wading boots. For most Spring, Summer, and fall applications, stocking foot waders with boots are ideal. In the cold water, feet tend to get cold, but if you are doing a lot of walking and moving around, you will be fine.

Check out the full line of Simms Gear here:

Waders for Cold Water

Avoid numb toes. For cold weather wading and overall ease of use, Boot Fit Waders cannot be beat. I have a pair and wear them more than my stocking foot waders even during warm temperatures because they are easy to slip on and my feet stay warm all day. In cold water your feet will get cold if you wear stocking foot waders, trust me. They do not carry Simms Boot Fit waders at For them you have to go to: Leland Fly Fishing Outfiter: Simms Boot Fit Waders where they too have a full line of Simms Gear as well as other wader brands that will do the job well.


Here are a few tips to buying waders: