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Fly Fishing Reels

Being one of the three main components of a fly fishing setup, a reel is not an item to cut too many corners on. Unless you are a stud fisherman and are catching big fish every cast, your reel will see the least amount of action, but when you need it, it will be there. A smoothe drag is one of the main aspects that should be on the mind of someone who is looking for a quaility reel. Whether you are fighting big trout on light tippet, or Roosterfish that get your reel smokin', a well made rod matched to the line weight you are using is paramount. Sure, with trout you do not use a reel all that much, but when you do it will most likely be one that you wont want to loose; that's when a smoothe drag system is important so that you don't break your line.


Sage Reels

4wt-9wt Reels: Sage Reels (click here)

From 4wt to 9wt, I have mostly narrowed it down to one brand that offers a reel to fit any budget. It is from the #1 seller of highend fly rods: Sage. Their line up of reels will run in the price range from just under $100 all the way up to their flagship 6000 series that top out at $700. Most series offer reel sizes from 4wt to 9wt.


Spey and Big Fish Reels

For Fly Fishing Reels larger than 9wt and large enough for long spey lines, the choices of reels are far less and the prices go up quite a bit. Here are a few that you will not be upset with.

Spey Reels: Spey lines are typically over 120 feet long, which is 50% longer than some regular lines. Therefore it takes a bit more room to fit all of the line on the reel. Unless the reel you choose is a designated Spey Reel, you will want to make sure get a reel that is 3-4 weights larger than the line you will be fishing just to be on the safe side that you have plenty of line room.

Ross Momentum: Line sizes 7-15wt or 6-12wt for spey. These reels start out at $445 for the smaller models and up to $645 for the largest. Check out in more detail here:

Galvin Rush: Line size 12-13wt, this reel is less expensive, but will do all that it is needed for whether it be on Roosterfish in Central America, or on a 10wt spey rod in search of a 20lb+ Clearwater River Stealhead and Salmon. The Galvan Rush series is also availble in 3wt -12wt and is priced well. For more detail go to: