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Little Yellow Sally Stone Fly

The Little Yellow Sally

The Little Yellow Sally is a species of stone fly that is standard on most western U.S. streams and rivers. It is a small bug as far as stone flies go but it does not go unnoticed whatsoever. Fantastic dry fly fishing can be had at their expense as the trout will be keyed in on them if you are seeing these colorful insects around the river's edge and in the brush along the side.

Body Features

Yellow Sallies are characterized by their small, bright yellow bodies and light colored wings with the females sporting a red egg sack on the rear of the abdomen. Most hook sizes that will be adequate size will range from size 12 all the way up to 20.

Hatch Timing

Typically, Little Yellow Sallies are one of the earlier stone flies to hatch with them starting to emerge around late spring. Of course this is dependent on the particular stream you will be fishing and the weather conditions, but regardless this is a fly that you will want to have in your box at all times, because if you see one, chances are the fish will know they are there as well.

Fly Tying Patterns

There are a number of dry fly patterns that will work well as an imitation of a Little Yellow Sally Stone Fly.  Basically anything that is small with a yellow body and light wing will bring trout to the surface.  Basic elk hair caddis style work well and are easy to tie.  The video above shows a caddis style tied with a double wing that gives it extra floatation and visibility from above.  The yellow body and light colored wing give this fly god visibility from a trout’s perspective looking up as well. As for nymph patterns, the standard mayfly or small stone fly nymphs work well and can usually perform as a number of tastie treats that fish will take.