West Slope Cutthroat Fly FIshing – Yellow Sally

I went fly fishing this weekend in Idaho for West Slope Cutthroat on the Clearwater River System.  Fishing was respectable with the biggest fish, which I lost at my feet before I could snap a quick picture, was close to 20 inches.  These fish are beautiful and willing to take an aquatic insect.  Both dry flies and nymphs were effective, but dries actually saw more action.  There was quite a hatch of Yellow Sally Stone flies going on and small dries that resembled them seemed to work pretty well.  At some times it even looked like a caddis hatch until you could see they were all yellow.  The Yellow Sally fly tying instructions and videos that are on the website are of the same fly that was the most effective.  Here is the link: www.OnlineFlyFishingGuide.com/YellowSally.html.

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