Fishing In Venomous Snake Country: Snake Gaiters

Check out this site for information on Snake Bite Prevention:

Summer is upon us and with that the waders will get pushed to the side and the neoprene socks will take their place and wet wading will be the way to go. Unfortunately where I fly fish is also home to rattle snakes. Once I had a snake bite the sole of my wading boot as I was in mid stride. Why it did not strike the leg that was on the ground is unknown to me. I just felt a tap on the bottom of my boot and then I heard the rattle. Another time I was fishing 5 miles and a couple thousand vertical feet in a hole with a river in the bottom. As we were walking to the river in the morning my buddy behind me says look at this. Underneath the weeds coiled up on the trail was a good sized rattle snake that I had just walked over. Luckily it rained all night and it was still cool, which maybe the only reason he did not strike. It would have been a long hike out of there with a snake bite. It was bad enough with our backpacks on.

Anyway, these instances are what led me thinking about snake bite protection. I did a google search and found a site that has information and reviews about Snake Gaiters, Snake Boots, Snake Chaps, and Snake gloves. The site is I would suggest going there and easing your mind like I did. I went with the best pair of snake proof gaiters that the site recommends and would suggest you do the same. They are TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters. They are a very lightweight fabric that is puncture proof. They are comfortable,tough, and though thank God I have not had to test them as of yet, they appear to be effective and well made. They have surely saved my legs from thorns and other things that can tear up some skin.

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