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Steelhead on an 8wt G. Loomis Cross Current

8wt Fly Fishing Rods

Photo: Late Season Steelhead caught with an 8wt G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rod.

The most common fly rod for steelhead is undoubtedly an 8wt. That being said, this wt has prooved to be ideal for a wide range of sport fish. Largemouth bass and walleye are a good fit, as well as the smaller species of Salmon, but strong enough to handle a King if the opportunity should arise. Also, saltwater fish up to about 15lbs are not out of the question making this a perfect size for bone fish and permit on the flats. I have used an 8wt when targeting large trout with streamers and sink tips as you never know how big they are going to get. An 8 wt. makes it much easier to cast sinking setups all day long as you won’t struggle near as much to get your fly out of the water.

Perferred 8wt Fly Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) is a rod company that has built an arsenal of rods that are aimed at anglers first entering the sport, as well as those who are just looking to build up their collection while sticking to a tighter budget than the other big named rod makers will allow. All of the rods that TFO builds are well made and come standard with a lifetime warranty, just like the other big names in fly fishing, making this the rod of choice for someone who is not willing to spend the type of cash the others demand for their products. I have yet to hear anybody complain about their TFO, including myself. 

To Check out this rod, follow this link: Temple Fork Outfitters - Curtis Flemming Series


Sage Flight Series: A great price comes with a great rod. Who new technology would ever play such a big role in fly fishing? The flight rods are built to be light, smooth and load up efficiently, a perfect combination for any fly rod at any price. The 8wt is pretty standard so you will know what you are getting before you get it: an exceptional rod and a value. 

To Check out this rod, follow this link: Sage Flight


Although the G. Loomis Cross Current is a lower priced rod than what would be considered the middle of the road for most fly rods, what it doesn't lack is the quality and feel of the high end rods. It does come in two price ranges with he GLX models, definitely in the high end price range, the standard are a little less schnazy, but get the job done no problem. The Cross Current was originally designed with saltwater situations in mind, but it has excelled at all other conditions. The added length at 9' 9" helps to move a lot of line as well as performing well in the wind. These are good attributes no matter where you are fishing. I bought this rod right before a steelhead trip. When I got back I bought a G. Loomis Cross Current 10wt for a trip to Baja. This rod takes the same place for the 10wt page as well. For the price, you won’t find a better mid-priced rod. 

To Check out this rod, follow this link: G. Loomis Cross Current


The R.L. Winston Boron II MX is a great all purpose fly rod be it a salt or fresh water situation and medium size fish. MX stands for maximum in the fact that you get maximum distance, power and fish fighting ability in an 8wt rod. All of R.L. Winston's rods are extremely well made, but according to my neighbor and fly fishing guide, this is one of the best. I would have to agree. If you are willing to spend the money to buy a state of the art rod, here you go.

To Check out this rod, follow this link: R.L. Winston Boron II MX

*** There is an updated series that appears to be very similar to this one that must have a few upgrades, as Winston is praising it to possibly be the best rod they have made. There is a catch though, it starts at another $55.00 more than the Boron II MX. The thing is though, you will already be spending $700.00 on the original, so what's another $55.00. Either way, I am sure you will be pleased with either, so you can make that call.

Click this link to chech out the New R.L. Winston Boron IIIX


Although the price is justified, one rod that is well beyond most budgets is the R.L. Winston Bamboo Steelhead Rod. Bamboo gives an angler the ulimate feel and sensitivity while offereing great line control. With the price tag this rod comes with, only fly fishermen and women with a large budget will be able to drop this kind of cash on a rod. One cast with a rod like this will show you why they carry the price tag they do. If you decide to buy one then you might want to buy one from a company that has been building bamboo rods for over 75 years.

To Check out this rod, follow this link: R.L. Winston Steelhead Bamboo Rod