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17 inch Rainbouw Trout Caught on a 4wt

4wt Fly Fishing Rods

4wt rods are the top pick when it comes trout with top water dry flies. The 4wt offers a soft and natural presentaion when used correctly, the perfect combination to entice 20+ inch trout to bite. 4wt rods can also be a good chioce for pan fish, which can be fun and tastie treats.

Perferred 4wt Fly Rods

Entry Level: Sage Vantage

The Sage Vantage has recently hit the market and is quickly becoming the most sought after rod for peolpe who are wanting to get into fly fishing, but need to do so on a budget. It is also availble as part of a complete set with everything you need except flies. The Vantage rod was built with the beginner in mind with a design that improves casting for those who have yet to learn the technique it takes to get consistent casts. Don't expect the lightest, most natural presentation that an advanced fly fisherman might get out of a higher priced rod, but if you are just getting into this sport, it will take some time to get to this level.

To Check out this rod, Click Here: Sage Vantage


 Value Priced Rod: R.L. Winston Vapor

The R.L. Winston Vapor rod takes the cake for a great rod at an excellent price. Winston has been making rods for years and this one will be hard to beat at this price. Winston ought to be able to produce a good fishing rod as they are designed in Twin Bridges, MT surrounded by great trout waters.

To Check out this rod, Click Here: R.L. Winston Vapor


Middle of the Rod: Sage VT2

Sage VT2: this is an excelent rod for a variety of fish and conditions. The VT2 series was designed with two thing in mid: make a rod that is easy for beginners to cast, and has a feel that a even a seasoned fly fishing vet will love. Each rod in this series is designed to best fit the line size, and covers a range from 3 wt to 10 wt.

Click here to check out this rod: Sage VT2


High End Rod: Sage TCX

The Sage TCX is my pick, as well as many other experienced anglers, for its innovation and ability to make distance defining cast. This is the perfect rod for fishing tinny dries but has enough back bone to deliever big bushy golden stones. In the fly fishing world, you get what you pay for, and with the Sage TCX, you will be getting your moneys worth.

To Check out the rod, click this link: Sage TCX


Bamboo Rod: Winston Bamboo Fly Rods

One rod that is well beyond most budgets but is well worth the price tag is the R.L. Winston Bamboo Light Trout Rod. Bamboo gives an angler the ulimate feel and sensitivity while offereing great line control. With the price tag this rod comes with, only fly fishermen and women with a large budget will be able to drop this kind of cash on a rod. One cast with a rod like this will show you why they are sought so much. If you decide to buy one then you might want to buy one from a company that has been building bamboo rods for over 75 years.

To check out the rod, click this link: Winston Bamboo Fly Rods